Referrals and Second Opinions



The veterinary surgeons recognise that in some instances a case may be outside their area of competence and should therefore refer it to a colleague who they are satisfied has additional skills to carry out the investigations or treatment involved.

It is not always clear on the distinction between a second opinion and a referral.  A second opinion is merely for confirmation of diagnosis.  A referral is for diagnosis and possible treatment in a case which requires specialist knowledge or facilities that are not available in this practice; after which the case will be referred back to our practice.


On occasion veterinary surgeons from other practices will ask us to examine and treat animals.  The initial contact must be made by a veterinary surgeon, after which you will be asked to contact us to make an appointment.  It is advisable to find out the level of expertise of the veterinary surgeon that you will be consulting and of the likely costs involved.

The following veterinary surgeons within the practice accept referrals in the following species and disciplines:

• Laurence Brown – Cardiac referrals

The referral will be to one of the vets with special interests listed above and after diagnosis and any treatment, the case will be referred back to your original practice.  This practice never seeks to take over the referred case.


A second opinion is merely for confirmation of diagnosis.  If you would like a second opinion, in the first instance an appointment should be made with a different veterinary surgeon in the practice.

If you would prefer to see someone at a different practice, it may be more appropriate to be referred to a relevant specialist or certificate holder.  But be warned if two vets disagree there is no good way to judge which is right.