FAQ - Hospitalised Pets


Can I come and visit my pet if they are admitted into the hospital?

Yes, we are happy to try to accommodate requests to visit a pet if they have been hospitalised. We usually aim for these to take place late in afternoon. Some patients respond very well to having you visit them while others may become more anxious or distressed when you leave. Whether to visit or not can be discussed with the vets or nurses.

How will I know what is happening with my pet in the hospital?

If your pet has been admitted into our hospital/wards for more intensive treatment or is recovering after a major operation we will endeavor to keep you up to date with their progress along the way. You will receive at least one phone call from a vet every day in the morning. This vet is designated as doing our ward rounds and will update you on their progress from the day before. If you have questions regarding test results or planned investigations we will ask the vet who is in charge of your pets’ case to specifically deal with these questions and this may not be the vet who is doing the morning ward rounds.

Who looks after my pet overnight in the hospital?

We do not have members of staff on site throughout the night. This type of care only occurs in accredited veterinary hospitals. It is the duty of the on call vet or veterinary nurses to administer any treatments to our in-patients during the hours our surgery is closed and to check on the patients as is necessary. The frequency of these checks is determined on a case to case basis.