FAQ - General Enquiries


Can I see a particular vet?

Yes, we will endeavour to always book you in with a preferred vet. In the case of follow visits we will always look to book you with the same vet who has been managing your pets condition as continuity of care we feel is extremely important in assessing your pets progress/improvement.

Can you give me an estimate of costs?

Yes, we are happy to provide an accurate as possible estimate of costs for your pets’ treatment. In some cases additional investigations or changes in treatment plans will mean previous estimates are no longer accurate but we will always endeavour to keep you informed of any such expected changes.

Can you claim for my pets treatment direct from my insurer?

Yes we can. Direct claims from insurers require prior planning to obtain what is called a "pre-authorisation" from the insurer. To do this we will need up to date insurance details and you will need to contact your insurer to give them permission to speak to us regarding your intended claim. All insurers will differ but please be aware some insurers can take many weeks to "pre-authorise" any claim.

What if my pet needs to put to sleep?

We are all pet lovers and owners and we more than understand just how upsetting and traumatic it can be when we need to have one of our much loved members of the family put to sleep. Our vets and nurses will treat you with care and compassion and try to support you this though this difficult time to the best of their ability. We can also help you with arrangements for cremation as we use a reputable local company - Greenacres Pets Crematorium - who will know will also make sure you pet is treated with respect and dignity. Our staff can discuss with you various options for cremation upon request.